Garden Parties and villa catering  

  Specialists in outdoor buffet style catering


The Fat Pig hog roasting company will provide you with a free quotation valid for 14 days from receipt. Upon acceptance of a quotation you will be asked to provide a 20% deposit of the full price. Upon receipt of this deposit your event date will be confirmed and added to our calender. You will not be added to the calender unless a deposit has been received leaving your date open to other clients.

The amount to be catered for on the day and the price will be agreed before the day. We are aware that exact numbers can often be difficult to pin down so we are willing to re-confirm numbers up to 18 days before the event, we can then 'tweak' prices and numbers.

After this any numbers of people less than the quoted for amount is the responsibility of the client and the agreed price will be charged.

In the event of additional guests; This is not a problem for us to cater for more at short notice but we must be informed at least two weeks   before to ensure that the correct amount of food is provided  (Even 5 more people can make a big difference to portions available in a suckling pig). We will re-adjust prices for you accordingly. If additional people are fed on the night of the event without prior notice a per head charge of 10 euros will be added to the price.

In the event of cancellations. On receipt of your deposit your event will have been added to our calender and therefore we will have been turning away clients wanting that date.

Cancellations up to two months ( eight weeks) before the event are non-refundable. We are happy to re-schedule when and where possible.

We ask for payment to be made on our arrival at your home or venue on the day of your event or by transfer before the event. Uk cheques are not accepted.

 All prices are subject to IVA at 13% and a receipt will be issued.

We provide ample food ( and more) for the amount of people we have been asked to cater for. We do not provide an all you can eat buffet. Once everyone has been served at least once you and your guests are then free to help yourselves until you explode!  We ask again that you ensure you have given us the correct amount of people to cater for to ensure that there is plenty for everyone. 

There will only be left overs if your guests do not eat all we have provided at the time of service. We do not provide extra food for ' later on'.

We will keep the buffet open for up to two hours if needed. Any longer than this is not acceptable due to Health and Safety regulations.

We have a standard of freshness and presentation that we are proud of and we do not allow food from other caterers or businesses to be served from our buffet table unless otherwise agreed beforehand. Desserts being the exception to this rule as this is not our specialty area.

Desserts provided by us will be served on disposable plates with disposable cutlery ( with the exception of weddings or where we have hired in plates, extra service etc)  if we have NOT provided your desserts please make sure you provide your own means of serving as we will not be able to provide our dinner service plates for desserts. 

We are more than happy to openly discuss any problems or queries you may have on the above before confirmation. We will always endeavour to find a suitable solution for all concerned.