Garden Parties Garden Parties Sizzling Algarve piri-pirsi prawns or sizzling sweet chilli prawn Dont be fooled these prawns are mahooosive and soooo tasty, cooked infront of your guests and our audience by someone with a smile on their face. 197223531 Freshly prepare on site 197223533 All in a days work Any terrace, garden space 197223532 All fresh and as many local ingrediants as possible 197223534 Beetroot and orange salad 205275063 aww lovely This is what you need the day after the big event to clear those hangovers 197223535 whos's this numpty? No idea , not the fat pig surely? 197223636 197223637 197223638 197223639 Leg of New zealand lamb 205275061 lovely rustic buffet 205275062 buffet 205275064 197223640