Events Events 202769099 111255356 111255357 111255365 145745808 145745809 123676327 145745811 Fat Pig fruit cake Is it fruit? Is it a cake? It's a fat pig fruit cake. 174466640 Choose your own decorations A lot of brides to be will bring decorations etc with them form the uk and we will be there to help you , set up and decorate or do it for you, your budget is your guide 174466641 A small wedding with a beautiful setting 174466642 Chicken spit We can do whole hog, sucling pig, chicken, duck or lamb on the spit. Does depend on the amount of people an space on the spit. 174466736 Hog Roast wedding That is one sophisticated pig for a sophisticated day. 174466739 194880049 202769098 202769100