TFP Catering Algarve - The Fat Pig Hog Roast

Specialists in spit roast and buffet style villa catering

If you don't fancy going the whole hog we can spit roast up to thirty five  chickens for you  at one time ( minimum 12). Not only are The Fat Pig chickens moist succulent and delicious but they are also better on the budget for you.


Thirty five  chickens will feed approximately 120 people. We judge that most people will eat a quarter of a chicken. Each chicken is approx 1.2 kilos. Chickens take 1.5 hours to roast on our fast and efficient chicken spit.


 We season the chickens to cook so why not ask us to do you cajun chicken or chilli chicken or lemon and oregano seasoning. We also can also provide dressings which we will baste the hot chicken with when we are serving to your plate. 

  • You can choose from a sweet and spicy chilli, coriander and lemon sauce
  • Lemon, garlic and fresh thyme dressing
  • Homemade sticky barbeque sauce
  • Olive oil and wholegrain mustard dressing
  • Parmesan, oregano, lemon and garlic dressing.
  • Piri-Piri 
  • Homemade garlic and chilli dressing.